Clearing a Few Things Up

Here are a few things that the opposition has been saying about me that I’d like to clear up:

Myth #1: Elise wants to divide the district in the upcoming redistricting process in 2021.

Truth: I do not support dividing our district. I believe it is important that we keep communities and neighborhoods intact and do not gerrymander district lines – especially in older and more established minority neighborhoods. One of the tools that my opponent’s outside money can buy is to hire consultants whose job it is to figure out how to win – regardless of the truth and regardless of the consequences to the community left behind. Sometimes they try to cut up a voter base through rumors and fear, leaving a community worse off, divided, and distrustful. I stand for all of District 3. Together.

Myth #2: Elise has not done anything for the community before she decided to run for office.

Truth: I have been involved in my community for decades. I have been helping neighborhoods across District 3 (Bellshire, Dalemere, Grand Villa, and Whites Creek) fight irresponsible development at Planning for over 7 years. I am a founding member and active in several community groups in Whites Creek (FOWC, WC Histocal Society, Save Whites Creek). I was also part of the CCSE efforts in Joelton, and participated in several years of the Nashville Next process. In addition, I’m active in several professional organizations such as Project Management Institute (PMI) Nashville as VP of Finance, Women in Technology Tennessee, Women Get IT, and founded the Nashville PMO Leaders Group. I am a member of the Tennessee Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. While in Colorado, I helped write legislation (CO-HB1021) that required insurance companies cover women’s health issues like maternity and contraception before the ACA was around to ensure equitable coverage.

Myth #3: Elise does not support development or affordable housing.

Truth: We all know growth and development is coming to District 3 – including to the rural areas. What I want is for that development to be smart and safe. I want new development to occur strategically and where there is enough infrastructure to support it.