Do Not Let Big Business Tell You Who To Vote For

Downtown big business is hoping to influence the District 3 council race. “The veil has been lifted on who else is behind a recently launched political action committee,” says the Nashville Business Journal. According to NBJ, some of the big money funding the PAC are Ingram Industries, Asurion, Pinnacle Bank, Community Health Systems (CHS), and Amazon. “Sources told the NBJ that Ingram’s months of contentious negotiations surrounding the city’s future Major League Soccer Stadium was part of the inspiration for A Better Nashville.”

The article states “A Better Nashville has spent more than $48,000 on the city’s Aug. 1 election” and shows that Jennifer Gamble (my opponent in District 3) has received $7,500 in donations the past quarter from the PAC.

“A Better Nashville’s donation represents 55% of what Gamble raised during the second quarter… not accounting for the nearly $6,000 the political action committee spent on digital advertisements” for her campaign.

The same PAC also donated $20,000 to the Nashville Business Coalition, which according to her financial disclosures, has provided her with a paid campaign staffer (link here to council financials – scroll several pages to District 3 and look for Second Quarter reports).

If you look closely at the posted financial reports, over 90% of my opponent’s total cash donations have come from outside of District 3.

My campaign is grassroots and community driven – the only people I have to answer to are the residents of District 3. The majority of donors and total dollars to my campaign are from neighborhoods such as Whites Creek, Bellshire, Grande Villa, Goodlettsville, and Parkwood. The rest is from family, individual friends, and the Firefighters (IAFF 140) endorsement.

My neighbors know I will work tirelessly to ensure smart development that benefits all of us. I will provide transparency into legislation and zoning issues, and I will provide opportunities for more resident input into our city’s decisions. These are the very reasons that outside money wants to prevent me from being elected – because I will hold them accountable to the residents of this city.

District 3 deserves better. The future of our communities belongs to the people who live and work in District 3. Please help us build a future that includes all of us.

Vote for Elise Hudson. Last on the ballot – first for you!

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